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Myopia Management at Early & Edmonds

What is Myopia?

Myopia (short-sightedness) is a common eye condition where distant objects cannot be seen clearly. Children do not realise they cannot see as far away as they might be able to, so it can easily be missed without regular eye tests. Short-sightedness tends to run in families so it is more likely, if a parent or close relative has it.

Signs your child may be short-sighted include:

  • difficulty reading words from a distance, such as shop signs or the whiteboard at school
  • sitting close to the TV

Short-sightedness can start from a young age and can get progressively worse until the eye has stopped growing (late teens/early 20s). If your child’s myopia is progressing quickly, we will recommend myopia management lenses for their glasses.

Essilor Stellest™ Lenses

There is no cure for myopia but with advances in lens technology, we can now provide spectacle lenses which not only correct the vision, but aim to slow down the progression of the myopia.

The Stellest™ lens corrects your child’s short-sightedness whilst also controlling their myopia progression. As with any regular lenses they can be put into any chosen frame.

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