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We offer a wide choice of spectacle lenses including different designs and coatings tailored to your requirements. We work with various lens manufacturing companies and can source lenses specific to your needs, whether they are for driving, reading, VDU or general day to day use.

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What Are the Best Lenses for You?

Single vision lenses are used to correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness or astigmatism. They are the same prescription across the whole surface of the lens. 

Varifocals provide vision for all distances in a single lens; distance, near and intermediate. The transition between prescriptions in the lens is seamless so they look exactly like single vision lenses. They are an excellent option if you need more than one prescription. 

Bifocal lenses have two different prescriptions, in the top and the bottom, for distance and near vision. They are ideal if you need to view distance and close up without changing glasses. There is a visible line between the two sections. 

Anti-reflective coating (also called AR or anti-glare coating) is a thin multilayer coating that eliminates reflections from the front and back surface of spectacle lenses. The coating makes lenses nearly invisible so people can focus on your eyes, not distracting reflections from your spectacles. It also provides better vision for night driving and more comfortable vision for reading and screen use. 

This coating filters out UVA and UVB rays. It also helps to protect your eyes from high energy blue light from screens – this is ideal for computer users. 

Polarising lenses are specialised lenses designed to reduce glare from surfaces such as water, snow, and glass. Polarized sunglasses can be useful for certain sports and driving, helping people to see more clearly and avoid potential hazards. 

All lenses can be tinted in a range of depths and colours. Transitions lenses are designed to automatically adapt to changing light conditions. They protect your eyes from harmful UV & blue-violet light.

All of the lenses above can be made thinner and lighter. This is recommended if your prescription is particularly strong as it can make your glasses more comfortable to wear, and gives a more attractive appearance. It can be applied to just one lens if your prescription varies greatly for each eye.

There are different levels of lens thinning available, and we will advise you on your options depending on your prescription and frame choice.

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